The Yashoda Scheme

With the inspiration of Yashoda in Mahabharata who cared and brought up lord Krishna, the Central Government with the help of Norway (Norway India Partnership Initiative (NIPI)) has launched “Yashoda Scheme” at Sambalpur for the first time in country.

NIPI wouldl contribute Rs.1.5 core for Orissa for implementation of the scheme. The Scheme was launched in the country after the success of ‘Janani Surakshya Yojana with an objective to bring a change in the post natal care.

Under the schemes the ”Yoshodas” would be recruited to look after the ”Bal Krishnas” on a monthly honorium of Rs 3000. Yashodas” would stay in hospitals for 48 hours and take care of the new born children. The ‘Yashodas’ would also look after the mothers of the new born children. Jharsuguda and Angul will be covered under the scheme very shortly.

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