Quiz Time Continues

1. Area wise, which one of the following is the largest Lok Sabha constituency?
a. Kutch
b. Kangra
c. Ladakh
d. Patna sahib
2. Indian Military Training Team (IMTRAT) imparts training to army officers of
a. Nepal
b. Bangladesh
c. Maldives
d. Bhutan

3. The tourism phrase Paradise Unexplored refers to
a. Jammu and Kashmir
b. North-east India
c. Chhattishgarh
d. Uttarakhand
4. The speaker of the Lok Sabha can resign his office by addressing his resignation to
a. the President
b. the Prime Minister
c. the Deputy speaker of the Lok Sabha
d. the Chief Justice of India

5. Who can initiate impeachment proceedings against the President of India?
a. only Lok Sabha
b. only Rajya Sabha
c. either House of the Parliament
d. any Legislative Assembly

6. The highest body that approves Five Year Plans in India is
a. Planning commission
b. National development council
c. Interstate council
d. Union cabinet

7. Which among the following is the exclusive jurisdiction of the state government?
a. Corporation tax
b. Customs duty
c. Sales tax
d. Income tax

8. Which one of the following theories of communism is not a doctrine of Karl Marx?
a. Dialectical Materialism
b. Historical Materialism
c. Class Struggle
d. Theory of new Democracy

9. Which among the following is an extra constitutional growth in Indian democracy?
a. Attorney General of India
b. Autonomous Districts
c. Political Parties
d. Deputy Chairman of the Council of States

10. Socialism is opposed to
a. social security scheme
b. equal distribution of wealth
c. unrestricted competition
d. collective ownership and management

11. Who among the following was the first muslim Military Commander who annexed Bihar and Bengal by overthrowing the Sena dynasty?
a. Mahmud Gawan
b. Bakhtiyar Khilji
c. Adil Shahis
D. Shams-ud-Din

12. Which one of the following was the official language of Gupta period?
a. Pali
b. Magadhi
c. Prakrit
d. Sanskrit

13. Tropical cyclone of Philippines is termed as
a. Typhoon
b. Willy-willy
c. Hurricane
d. Baguio

14. Chambal river is a part of
a. Sabarmati basin
b. Ganga basin
c. Narmada basin
d. Gogavari basin

15. What is the reason for India being a major producer of different varieties of fruits and vegetables?
a. Its large populations size
b. Its large land area
c. Variation in its agro-climatic conditions
d. Diversity in socio-cultural phenomenon

16. What is the process that tends to build up the land surface by deposition of solid material in its lower areas, known as?
a. Abrasion
b. Agglomeration
c. Aggradation
d. Attrition

17. Which one of the following African countries is not land-locked?
a. Benin
b. Chad
c. Lesotho
d. Mali

18. The Tropic of Cancer does not pass through
a. Orissa
b. Tripura
c. Chhattisgarh
d. Rajasthan

19. Which of the following crops would be preferred for sowing in order to enrich the soil with nitrogen?
a. Wheat
b. Mustard
c. Sunflower
d. Gram

20. Which of the following plants is referred to as a living fossil?
a. Ephedra
b. Cycas
c. Gingko
d. Adiantum

Answers to the above questions

1.  C    2.  D    3.  B    4.  C   5.  C    6.  B    7.  C    8.  D    9.  C    10.  C    11.  B    12.  D    13.  A    14.  B    15.  C    16.  C    17.  A   18.  A   19.  D   20.  C

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