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Quiz No 5: GK Questions For Various Examinations

201.Which is the executive body of the UNO?

A. General Assembly      B. Security Council            C. Trusteeship Council

D. International Court of Justice

202.The National Literacy Mission was launched by the Prime Minister in the year:

A.1985           B.1927        C.1982           D.1988

203.Name the person who received both Bharat Ratna and Nishan-E-Pakistan:

A.  Mahatma Gandhi     B.Maulana Abdulkalam Azad    C. Morarjee

Desai D. Ayoobkhan

204.The length of Konkan Railway is:

A.   200kms.         B.720 kms            . C. 800kms.         D. 950 kms

205.Kigali is the capital of……

A. Ruwanda               B.Malavi               C. Somalia        D. Nigeria

206.Tripoli is the capital of

A.  Libya       B.  Malaysia            C. Sweden            D. Romania

207.Minto-Morle reforms were introduced in India in the year :

A. 1947       B.1914       C.1909        D. None of these

208.Name the product related to the name A CC

A. Soap          B. Battery         C. Powder           D. Cement

209.Name the Parliament Committee which consists of the members of the Lok


A.  Public Accounts Committee      B. Public Undertaking Committee

C. Estimate Committee                      D. None of these

210. The dress made out of which material is safe to wear while cooking:

A. Cotton        B. Silk             C. Nylon          D. Overcoat made out of Terylene

211. Name the person who has the longest service as the Chief Minister of an Indian State

A. Jyoti Basu      B. K. Karunakaran           C. N.T.Rama Rao     D. M.G. Ramachandran

212. Given the actual name of pen name Kakkanadan:

A. P.C. Kuttikrishnan            B. Prof. Anandakuttan         C. George Varghese

D. M.K. Menon

213. Name the southern most tip of India:

A. Minicoy Island         B. Indira Point in Andaman and Nicobar Islands

C. Kanyakumari        D. Rameswaram

214. The place gifted to the French by the Governor of Bijapur, Sherkhan Lodi

A. Goa            B. Pondicherry           C. Mahi           D. Mattancherry

215. Who is the founder Vice-Chancellor of Sree Sankara Sanskrit University at Kalady ?

A. Dr. A Sukumaran Nair     B. Dr.A.N.P.Urnmerkutty         C. R. Ramachandran Nair

D. Dr. T.K. Raveendran

216. The first state to introduce Panchayati Raj System:

A. Bihar          B. Rajasthan              C. Tamil Nadu           D. Punjab

217. The highest polling station in Asia

A. Anlay Phoo            B. Indoor         C. Belapur      D. Chakob

218.  The first metal used by man

A. Iron             B. Copper      C. Aluminium             D. Gold Answer:

219.  The privy purse of the former Indian princes was abolished in the year……

A. 1924          B. 1929          C. 1971          D. 1975

220.  Epson salt is chemically known as…..

A. Sodium Sulphate              B. Magnesium Chloride       C. Sodium Chloride

D. Magnesium Sulphate

221. Head of the University is………

A. Chancellor B. Pro Vice Chancellor         C. Vice Chancellor

D. Education Minister

222.  Which of the following is not a plant product?

A. Lac             B. Rubber       C. Cotton        D. Sugar

223. How many legs has an ant have?

A. 8     B. 2     C. 12   D. 10

224. Who is  the  founder  of the  decimal system?

A. Archimedes          B. Bhaskaracharya II C. Aryabhatta            D.Varahamihiran

225.Who  is  the  founder  of the   Mughal dynasty?

A.  Babur        B. Akbar     C. Shivaji        D.  Shajahan

226 .In which district is Sabarimala temple located?

A.   Kollarn                B. Kottayam               C. Idukki         D. Pathanamthitta

227.Antibiotic is a substance  used to kill

A. living organisms  B. Viruses      C. Micro-organisms  D. Bacteria

228.Which of the following has the maximum life

A.   Elephant B.   Chimpanzee       C. Bull             D. Horse

229.On which river is Hirakud Dam built ?

A  .Mahanadi            B.  Cauveri                 C. Ganga                   D. Kathajori

230.The Prince is written by ?

A. Kushwant Singh   B. Macheavelli   C. G.B.Shaw


231.A gas generally used in incandescent lamps to increase their operating

efficiency is ?

A. neon           B. oxygen       C.freon           D. argon

232.Swimming becomes possible because of Newton’s……… of motion:

A. first                         B. second              C.third           D. None of these

233.Athlete’s  foot is caused by a:

A. Vitamin deficiency             B. worm       C. fungus        D. virus

234. A fatty substance that is suspected of playing a role in heart disease is :

A. Cholesterol          B.Chlorolone C. Chloromycetin      D. ChoroidCoat

235. Oncology is the diagnosis and treatment of: .

A.Tuberculosis                   B. Polio          C. Cancer      D. Fever

236.Mount Everest was first conquered in:

A .1953    B.1951   C.1920         D. 1948

237.Who built Humayun’s mausoleum at Delhi?

A. Hazi Begham                 B. Humayoon C. Akbar         D. BairamKhan

238.The famous Indian Mathematician and astrono­mer, Arya Bhatta, lived during the

reign of:

A.Ashoka      B. Chandra Gupta II    C. Harsha         D.ChandGupta Maurya

239.Saka era started in the reign of:

A.   Ashoka    B. Samudra Gupta C.  Chandra Gupta Maurya

D. Kanishka

240.Who among the following belongs to Slave  Dynasty ?

A. Iltumish          B. Firozshah Tughlaq            C. Balban       D. Alauddin Khilji

241.Who   amongst   the   following   is   the author of the book Srishitiyum

Srishtavum which.won the prestigious vayalar award:

A. Prof. S.Guptan Nair         B.M. K. Sanu C. K. P. Appan      D. M-T.

Vasudevan Nair

242. Kalinga war was fought in the year:

A. 712 A.D.       B. 540 A.D. C. 273 A.D.                D. 221 B.C.

243.Mahavira was born at:

A. Lumbini        B.  Vaishali C.  Samath       D. Kapilavastu

244. Manas Sanctuary is situated in:

A.  West Bengal   B. Assam       C.  Arunachal Pradesh         D.  Kashmir

245.Ajanta Caves are situated in which State ?

A . Bihar            B.  Tamil Nadu        C. Maharashtra     D. Madhya Pradesh

246.Railway passenger coaches are manufactured at:

A. Chittaranjan       B. Varanasi           C.  Perambur               D. Calcutta

247.An atom containing an odd number of electrons is :

A. ferromagnetic          B. paramagnetic            C.  diamagnetic

D. none of these

248.Out of the given list, the metal having the low­est melting point is:

A.lead            B. lithium        C. potassium           D.sodium

249. ‘Hertz’is a unit of:

A. velocity       B.inductance       C. wavelength         D. frequency

250.  The hardest form of carbon is:

A.diamond    B.coke        C. graphite        D. charcoal


201. B. Security Council

202. D.1988

203. C. Morarjee  Desai

204. B.720 kms

205. A. Ruwanda

206. A.  Libya

207. C.1909

208. D. Cement

209. C. Estimate Committee

210. A. Cotton

211. A. Jyoti Basu

212. C. George Varghese

213. B. Indira Point in Andaman and Nicobar Islands

214. B. Pondicherry

215. C. R. Ramachandran Nair

216. B. Rajasthan

217. A. Anlay Phoo(At Leh, Jammu & Kashmir)

218. B. Copper

219. C. 1971

220. D. Magnesium Sulphate

221. A. Chancellor

222. A. Lac

223. B. 2

224. B. Bhaskaracharya II

225. A.  Babur

226. D. Pathanamthitta

227. C. Micro-organisms

228. B.   Chimpanzee

229. A  .Mahanadi

230. B. Macheavelli

231. D. argon

232. C.third

233. C. fungus

234. A. Cholesterol

235. C. Cancer

236. A .1953

237. C. Akbar

238. B. Chandra Gupta II

239. D. Kanishka

240. A. Iltumish

241. A. Prof. S.Guptan Nair

242. D. 221 B.C

243.   B.  Vaishali

244. B. Assam

245. C. Maharashtra

246. C.  Perambur

247.   B. paramagnetic

248. C. potassium

249. D. frequency

250. A.diamond

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