Quiz No 4: Objective GK For Various Examinations

151.  Vitamin B is found in:

A. tomato       B. yeast          C. carrot         D. None of these

152.  The famous ruler of ancient India who towards the end of his life is said to have converted to Jainism, abdicated in favour of his son and became an ascetic was:

A. Bindusara  B. Chandra Gupta II  C. Chandra Gupta Maurya   D. Samudra Gupta

153.  The title of Governor General of India was substituted for that of Governor General of Bengal under the Charter act of:

A. 1813          B. 1833          C    1781        D. 1713

154.  Sculptors of the Gandhara School reflect the influence of the

A. Chinese     B. Romans     C. Greeks      D. Persians

155. Who wrote Ramacharitmanasam ?

A. Tulsidas     B. Kalidasa    C. Vatmiki      D. None of these

156. First air flight in India was from:

A. Delhi to Karachi    B. Bombay to Delhi   C. Bombay to Karachi  D. None of these

157. The highest mountain peak in India:

A. Marulis       B. Anamudi    C. Mahendra Giri      D. Godwin Austin

158. The only artificial lake in India 1200 metre above sea level:

A. Nakki         B. Woolar       C. Jersoppa               D. Pookkod

159. Industrial Revolution began in

A. Russia       B. China         C. England     D. France

160. The Master Control Facility of the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) is at:

A. Thumba     B. Chandipur – on – Sea       C. Sriharikota            D. Hassan

161, Oru Desathinte Katha the famous malayalam novel has been written by:

A. Thakazhy   B. M.T.Vasudevan Nair        C. S.K.Pottakkadu    D. K. Surendran

162. What does I.F.A. stands for ?

A. Indian Football Association         B. International Food Association

C. Indian Fertilizer Association       D. Indian Air Force

163. Gandhi Sagar Dam is on the river:

A. Betwa        B. Chambal    C. Narmada   D. Tapti

164. Chanakya’s other name was:

A. Kautilya      B. Chandra Gupta     C. Nanda        D. None of these

165. Art which place did Buddha get enlightment ?

A. Patna         B. Gaya          C. Saranath   D. Lumbini

166.    Contents are:

A. hand grenades     B. pistols        C. celestial bodies    D. None of these

167. What is the modern name of Mysore State ?

A. Karnataka             B. Tamil Nadu            C. Andra Pradesh     D. Telungana

168. Name the first women to conquer Mount Everest:

A. Jeanne Sauve       B. ValentinaTereshkova       C. Bachendri Pal D. JunkoTabei

169. How many countries are these in SAARC ?

A. 6     B. 7     C. 8     D. 5

170. Wimbledon is a place connected with:

A. Cricket       B. Badminton             C.Table Tennis          D. Lawn Tennis

171. Who are Red Indians?

A. Original inhabitants of America  B. The oldest tribal people of South Indias

C. Tribal inhabitants of Africa          D. None of these

172. The shortage of which of the following vitamins causes degeneration of sex glands ?

A. Vitamin E              B. Vitamin B              C. Vitamin C              D. Vitamin A

173. Lexicography is the study of

A. Insects       B. Plant life     C. Pottery       D. Compiling of dictionary

174. Who is the author of the book Ujjaini?

A. M.T. Vasudevan Nair       B. Ayyappapanicker             C. O.N.V.Kurup

D. K. G. Sankara Pillai

175. With which of the following instruments is Ustad Vilayat Khan associated?

A. Tabala       B. Sarod         C. Sarangi     D. Sitar

176. Name the first ever film to be made in Sanskrit?

A. Vatsayan   B. Vivekanand           C. Adi shankaracharya         D. Shakuntalam

177. B.C.G. Vaccine is given for:

A. Tuberculosis         B. Cancer       C. Polio          D. Typhoid

178. What does I.R.D.P. Stand for?

A. International Rural Development programme  B. International! Reconstruction and Development Programme C. Integrated Rural Development programme

D. Integrated Rural Deposit Programme.

179. Bacteria were first observed by:

A. Pasteur      B. Red            C. Leeuwenhock       D. Koch

180. After vaccination the body builds up:

A. Antibodies             B. Toxins        C. Lymph        D. Plasma

181. Which planet is most similar to Earth in respect to gravity, escape velocity and size ?

A. Mars           B. Uranus       C. Venus        D. Neptune

182. Sterling Silver is an alloy of Silver and:

A. Gold           B. Tin              C. Platinum                D. Copper

183. The Green house effect is caused by an excess of:

A. Carbon dioxide     B. Carbon monoxide            C. Carbon tetrachloride

D. None of these

184. Radioactivity cannot be detected by a:

A. Synchrotron           B. Scintillation Counter         C. Photographic plate

D. Cloud chamber

185. In which year was the Tashkent pact Signed between India and Pakistan ?

A. 1165          B. 1164          C. 1166          D. 1167s

186.  Who was known as “Punjab Kesari” ?

A. Bhagat Singh        B. Lala Lajpat Rai     C.  Guru Gobind Singh

D  Sant Harchand Singh

187.  The velocity of the sound in Vacuum is:

A. Less than in air     B. Greater than in air            C. Same as in air      D. None of these

188.  In which country is Jafna Situated?

A. India           B. Malaysia    C. Sri Lanka  D. Bangladesh

189.  Where is the Tata Institute of Fundamental Research situated?

A. Pune          B. Nasik         C. Bangalore             D. Bombay

190. With which of following fields is Birju Maharaj associated ?

A. Medicine   B. Literature               C. Dance        D. Music

191.  The shanti Swarup Bhatnagar award are given for excellence in:

A.  Economy B. Science and technology  C. Farming     D. Literature

192. Paediatrician is a:

A. Eye specialist       B. Heart Specialist    C.Bone Specialist     D. Child Specialist

193. Pentagon refers to :

A. The defense department of U.S.A          B. The parliament of Israel

C. The parliament of U.S.S.R.         D. The palace of Queen of U.K.

194. Which of the following disease is caused due to shortage of red blood cells ?

A. Arthritis      B. Leukaemia            C. Anaemia   D. Meningitis

195. Coffee is not grown in

A. Maharashtra          B. Kerala        C. TamilNadu            D.None of these

196. Nilgiris are part of:

A. Vindhyachal          B.Tamil Nadu Hills    C Western Ghats      D. Eastern Ghats

197. Tamil, Telungu and Malayalam belong to which linguistic family ?

A. Dravidian   B. Aryan         C. Austric       D. None of these

198. The novel Gora is written by:

A. R. K. Narayan       B.M. Anand    C. Premchand           D. Rabindranath Tagore

199. The first cotton mill in India was set up in Calcutta in:

A.1126           B. 818             C. 1110          D. 1856

200. The book Broken wings was written by:

A. Amritapritam         B. R. K. Narayan       C. Nirad C. Chaudhary         D. Sarojini Naidu


151. B. yeast

152. C. Chandra Gupta Maurya

153. B. 1833

154. C. Greeks

155.   A. Tulsidas

156.   C. Bombay to Karachi

157.   D. Godwin Austin

158.   A. Nakki

151.   C. England

160.   D. Hassan

161.   C. S. K. Pottakkadu

162.   A. Indian Football Association

163.   B. Chambal

164.   A. Kautilya

165.   B. Gaya

166.   C. celestial bodies

167.   B. Karnataka

168.   D. Junko Tabei

161.   B. 7

170.   D. Lawn Tennis

171.   A. Original inhabitants of America

172.   B. Vitamin B

173.   D. Compiling of dictionary

174.   C. O.N.V. Kurup

175.   D. Sitar

176.   C. Adi Shankaracharya

177.   A. Tuberculosis

178.   C. Integrated Rural Development Programme.

171.   C. Leeuwenhock

180.   A. Antibodies

181.   C. Venus

182.   D. Copper

183.   A. Carbon dioxide

184.   A. Synchrotron

185.   C. 1166

186.   B. Lala Lajpat Rai

187.   A. Less than in air

188.   C. Sri Lanka

189.   D. Bombay

190.   C. Dance

191.   B. Science and technology

192.   D. Child Specialist

193.   A. The defense department of U.S.A

194.   C. Anaemia

195.   A. Maharashtra

196.   C. Western Ghats

197.   A. Dravidian

198.   D. Rabindranath Tagore

199.    B.1818

200.   D. Sarojini Naidu

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