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Quiz No 3: Objective GK For All Examinations

101. German attack on Poland was the immediate  cause of:

A. West Asian Crisis            B. Cold War   C. Second World War

D. First World War

102. Deficiency of Iron, causes:

A. Beri-Beri    B. Anaemia    C. Asthma      D. Pellagra

103. Horse power is a unit of:

A. electric current      B. velocity       C. power        D. heat

104. Which of the following Indian was given the Nobel Prize for Medicine?

A. C.V.Raman           B. Dr. Hargobind Khorana   C. Dr. Subrahmonian Chandrasekhar        D. Dr. M.S.Swaminathan.

105. Which of the following is an Indirect Tax:

A. Capital Gains Tax            B. Wealth Tax            C. Corporation Tax

D. Excise duty

106. The world’s largest satellite in solar system :

A. Moon          B. Ganymede            C. Triton         D. Neptun

107. Columbus discovered America in the year:

A. 1418          B. 1412          C.  1406         D. 1514

108. Rowlatt Act was passed in:

A.  1124         B. 1118          C.  1111         D. 1128

101. Who among the following is known as the Lady with lamp?

A. Annie Besant        B. Sarojini Naidu       C. Indira Gandhi

D. Florence Nightingale

112. The Jog Falls are situated on:

A. Cauvery river         B. Bima river C. Tapti river D. Sharavati river

113. Which of the following is an east flowing river of the Indian peninsula :

A. Tapti           B. Mahanadi              C. Narmada               D. Cauvery

114. White coal is:

A. Uranium     B. Ice C. Diamond   D. Hydro-electricity

115. Indian city famous for bangle industry is:

A. Lucknow    B. Sikandrabad         C. Agra           D. Ferozabad

116. The author of book “Between the Lines” is:

A. KuldipNayar          B. Nirad C. Choudary           C. Amritha Preetham

D. TarunTejpal

117. Murder in the Cathedral was written by:

A. John Keats            B. Richard Nixon       C. T.S.Eliot    D. Shakespeare

118. Hydrophobia is caused by:

A. hookworms           B. mental derangement        C. tobacco mosaic virus

D. rabies virus

111. Aspirin is an/a

A. analgesic   B. antidote     C. sedative    D. anesthetic

120. Gautama Buddha delivered his first sermon at

A. Mount Abu             B. BbdhGaya             C. Saranath   D. Sanchi

121. The branch of chemistry that deals with plants and animals and their life process is called

A.  bionomics            B. biochemistry         C. botany        D. biology

122. Which of the following was the first artificial satellite put in to orbit ?

A. Vostik 6     B. Sputnick    C. Vostok       D. Voskhod 2

123. Which of the following in a unit or brightness i

A. Lambert     B. Phot           C. Foot candle           D. Lux

124. The principle of specific gravity was discovered by:

A. Copernicus           B. Archimedes          C. Newton      D. Euclid

125. The people of Indus Valley Civilisation built their houses with:

A. thatch         B. wood          C. mud            D. bricks

126.  Kanishka tragedy involved:

A. Train           B.Nuclear rector        C. Aeroplane             D. Ship

127 The oldest religion in the world is:

A. Buddhism B. Hinduism   C.  Zionism    D. Christianity

128. Who among the following was the first man to go into space ?

A. Yuri Malyshev        B. Sally K. Ride         C. Neil Armstrong     D. Yuri Gagarin

121. The heart beat of a normal young man is ap­proximately:

A. 80 times a minute             B. 72 times a minute C. 100 times a minute

D. 12 times a minute

130. Which of the following scientists believed plants have hearts ?

A.J. C. Bose  B. Blaise Pascal       C. C.V.Raman           D. Albert Einstein

131.   Who won the battle of Jhelum?

A.   Ashoka    B. Babar         C.The Pandavas D.Alexander

132.  The term Third world refers to:

A. developing countries        B. advanced countries C. African countries

D. Superpower

133. Dialectical materialism was a doctrine intro­duced by:

A.   Adolf Hitler          B. V.I.Lenin    C. Jean – Jacques Rousseau D. Karl Marx

134.  Diego Garcia is an island in :

A. the Indian Ocean B. the Atlantic Ocean            C. the Mediterranean sea D. the Pacific Ocean

135.  The French Revolution took place in:

A. 1705          B. 1600          C. 1781          D. 1688

136.  Indian war memorial is situated in:

A.  Delhi         B. Hyderabad            C. Bombay     D. Allahabad

137.  Which amongst the following was a great centre of trade and commerce in the Gupta period ?

A.  Vatapi       B. Mathura     C. Taxila         D. Tamaralpti

138.  The planning Commission in India was set up in the year:

A. 1151          B. 1147          C. 1152          D. 1150

131.  The yellow colou r of urine is due to the pres­ence of:

A. Bile             B. Cholesterol            C. Urochrome            D. Blood

140.  Who is author of the book “One-day Wonder” ?

A. Sunil Gavaskar     B. Imran Khan C. Vivian Richard     D. Clive cloyd

141. What is the Chemical name of Heavy water ?

A. Ammonium Oxide            B. Hydrogen Peroxide          C. Hydrogen Oxide

D. Deuterium Oxide

142. The Indus Valley people establish commercial contacts with the:

A. Sumerians             B. Egyptians C. Greeks      D. Romans

143. Monsoon Wedding is a :

A. brand name of whisky      B. painting      C Cenema     D. Book

144. Who is the writer of Life Divine ?

A. Aurobindo Ghosh             B. Radhakrishnan     C. M.K.Gandhi

D. Vivekanandan

145. Who is called the Napoleon of India ?

A. Kanishka   B. Akbar         C. Samudra Gupta    D. Ashoka Answer:

146. Which is the world’s largest delta ?

A. Ganga        B. Narmada  C. Tames       D. Sunderbans

147. Relies of Buddha are preserved in a:

A. Joytya  B. Temple C. Stupa D. Vihara

148. Rukmani Devi Anudale is related to:

A. Theatre     B. Painting     C. Literature   D. Dancing

149.  National emblem lion has been taken from pillar of Ashoka which is at:

A. Saranath    B. Sanchi       C. Raipur        D. None of these

150.  In which city the Asian Games first took place?

A. Kuala Lampur       B. Beijing       C. Tokyo        D. New Delhi


101. C. Second World War

102. B. Anaemia

103. C. Power

104. B. Dr. Hargobind Khorana

105. D. Excise duty

106. B. Ganymede

107. B. 1412

108. C. 1111

101. D. Florence Nightingale

110. A. 11’hCentury

111. B. Andaman and Nicobar

112. D. Sharavati river

113. B. Mahanadi

114. A. Uranium

115. D. Ferozabad

116.A. Kuldip Nayar

117. C. T.S.Eliot

118. D. rabies virus

111. A. analgesic

120. C. Saranath

121. B. biochemistry

122. B. Sputnick

123.A. Lambert

124. B. Archimedes

125. D. bricks

126.C. Aeroplane

127. B. Hinduism

128. D. Yuri Gagarin

121. B. 72 times a minute

130. A. J. C. Bose


132.A. developing countries

133. D. Karl Marx

134. A. the Indian Ocean

135. C. 1781

136.A. Delhi

137.C. Taxila

138.D. 1150

131.B. Cholesterol

140. A. Sunil Gavaskar

141. D. Deuterium Oxide

142. A. Sumerians

143. C. Cenema

144. A. Aurobindo Ghosh

145.C. Samudra Gupta

146.D. Sunderbans

147. C. Stupa

148. D. Dancing

149. A. Saranath

150. D. New Delhi

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