Quiz No 2: Objective GK For All Examinations

51. Mughal Sarai is situated in :

A.   Haryana          B. Orissa C. Uttar Pradesh         D. Bihar

52. Who wrote the book Affluent Society’ ?

A. Arun Shourie    B. Salman Rushdie         C. Charles Dickens    D. J.K. Galbraith

53. ‘Altimeter’ is used to measure :
A. rainfall      B. altitude       C. pressure       D. humidity

54. The Abbreviation AIDS stands for:

A. Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome           B. Acquired Immune Disease

Syndrome      C. Acquired Immune Disease Symptom    D. Acquired Immune

Deficiency Symptom.

55. Who said “To be or not to be, that is the question?”

A. Winston Churchill       B. JuliusCaesar   C. Admiral Nelson    D. Hamlet

56. ‘Dermatology’ is the science dealing with:

A. bacteria        B. shells         C. skin            D. tissues

57. The disease ‘Meningitis’ is associated with
A. stomach             B.skin         C.eyes        D.brain and spinal cord

58. What does the word ‘aphasia’ mean?

A. disease effecting skin                  B. loss of sight      C. speech disorders

D. loss of memory

59. ‘Hari Om Ashram Trust’ award is given in the Field of:

A. Fone arts                   B. Social Sciences      C. National Integration       D. Sciences

60. The book’ManviniBhavai’is written by:

A. PremChand      B. Nirad C. Chaudhary        C. Pannalal Patel      D. Amrith

61. Wireless telegraphy was invented by:

A.  Edison      B. Newton        C. Marconi               D. Bruno

62.The outer crust on the surface of earth is called:

A. stratosphere         B. lithosphere       C. hydrosphere     D. biosphere

63.Hygrometer is an instrument used in measuring:

A. relative humidity    B. density of milk    C. high temperature   Dspecific gravity

64. The age of a tree can be calculated by:

A. counting the number of branches           B. measuring its growth          C.measuring its height     D. counting the number of annual rings

65. Which is most important for the growth of children?

A. milk            B. proteins     C. vitamins        D. fats

66. In metabolism enzymes act as:

A. catalyst        B. oxidant        C. reductant            D. promoter

67. Yawning is due to:

A. to ward off lethargy           B. to ease digestion     C. accumulation of carbon

dioxide in the body   D. to feel relaxed

68. Hormones are useful for:

A. energy production            B. metabolic function            C. preventing disease

D. digestion and reproduction

69. Urea is excreted through:

A. intestine     B. skin            C. lungs          D. kidneys

70. Which of the following is NOT a party to the sharing of the Cauvery water ?

A. Andra Pradesh     B. Kerala        C.  Karnataka            D. Tamil Nadu

71. Kalinadi Hydro Electric Power Project is which of the following state?

A. West Bengal         B. Punjab       C. Karnataka             D. Haryana

72. The first nuclear submarine acquired by the Indian Navy is named as:

A. ChaKra      B. Nag            C. Maitri         D. Gangotri

73. Which of the following is NOT ‘Peeth’ of one of the four Sankaracharyas in India?

A. Badrinath   B. Mathurai    C.  Shringeri D. Dwaraka

74. The solubility of gases in liquids can be increased by:

A. decreasing temperature and increasing pres­sure  B. increasing temperature

C. decreasing pressure       D. increasing temperature and decreasing pressure

75. An axon is part of a/an:

A. epithetical cell       B. bone cell    C. nerve cell   D. muscle cell

76. A quantum of visible light is called

A.  hyperon     B. phonon       C. photon       D. proton

77.  The muscles attached to the bones are:

A. voluntary and striated       B. involuntary and straited    C. voluntary and smooth   D. involuntary and smooth

78. The egg-producing structure of an animal is called the:

A. Ovum         B. oviduct       C. ovale          D. ovary

79. Which among the following is the best source of protein?             ;

A. Apples       B. Wheat        C. Beans        D. Butter

80.How many ribs are there in a human body?

A.  1              B.  12.             C.22    D. 14

81. The first nuclear power station of India is at:

A. Pokhran     B. Kirkee        C. Kalpakkam           D. Tarapore

82. Which soil among the following is used for producing cotton?

A. black          B. red              C. laterite       D. terai

83. Who among the following in known as “Man of Destiny”

A. Mussolini   B. Bismarck   C. Nepolean D. Adolf Hitler

84. The famous rath yathra is traditionally associated with the temple at:

A. Dwaraka    B.Puri             C. Varanasi   D. Rameshwaram

85. Damodar Valley Project is a joint venture of:

A. Bengal and Orissa           B. Karnataka and Orissa     C. Bihar and Karnataka

D. Bihar and Bengal

86. How many languages are listed in the Indian Constitution ?

A. 13               B. 14               C. 15               D.1

87. The science of designing instruments or systems modeled after living organisms:

A. Bionics      B. Biometry    C. Biotelemetry         D. Biopsy

88. Which of the following is the science dealing with tumor?

A. oncology    B. serology     C. conchology            D. chronology

89.  The highway connecting Sinkiang in China with occupied Kashmir is called:

A. Pakistan-China highway B. Karakoram highway         C. Asian highway D. Siachen highway

90.  Milk is an example of

A. emulsion    B. suspension            C. gel              D. None of these

91.  Agronomy means:

A. science of forestry                        B. science of environment

C. science of soil and plants            D. science of space

92.  Heparin is used for:

A. loss of blood         B. clotting of blood    C. white corpuscle formation

D. red corpuscle formation

93.  What is lost during dehydration ?

A. Magnesium chloride        B. Calcium chloride C. Sodium chloride

D. Pottassium chloride

94.  Leprosy is treated by:

A. Tetracycline           B. Erythromycine       C. Penicillin    D. Sulphones

95.  An element which does not combine with oxygen is:

A. iodine         B. helium        C. nitrogen     D. chlorine

96.  Our eyes are most sensitive to

A. red light      B. violet light  C. yellow-green light             D. blue light  .

97. The development of an egg without being fertilised by a sperm is known as:

A. regeneration         B. metamorphosis    C. parthenogenesis  D. differentiation

98. Which of the following is considered as the ‘Electronic City of India?

A. Hyderabad            B. Bangalore             C. Chennai     D. Mumbai.

99. The famous Amarnath Shrine is in the state of

A. Uttar Pradesh       B. Gujarat       C. Himachal Pradesh  D. Jammu & Kashmir

100. Who among the following was twice awarded the Nobel prize in a scientific field?

A. Marie Curie           B. Linus Poling          C. Jonas Salk            D. Alexander Fleming


51. C. Uttar Pradesh

52. D. J.K. Galbraith

53. B. altitude

54. A. Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome

55. D. Hamlet

56. C. skin

57. D.brain and spinal cord

58. C. speech disorders

59. D. Sciences

60. C. Pannalal Patel

61. C. Marconi

62. B. lithosphere

63. A. relative humidity

64. D. counting the number of annual rings

65. B. proteins

66. D. promoter

67. C. accumulation of carbon

dioxide in the body

68. B. metabolic function

69. D. kidneys

70.A. Andra Pradesh

71. C. Karnataka

72.A. Chakra

73.B. Mathurai

74. A. decreasing temperature and increasing pressure

75.C. nerve c’ell

76. C. photon

77. A. voluntary and striated

78. D. Ovary

79. C. Beans

80. B. 12

81. D. Tarapore

82. A. black

83. C. Nepolean

84. B. Puri

85. D. Bihar and Bengal

86. D.18

87. A. Bionics

88. A. oncology

89. B. Karakoram highway

90. A. emulsion

91. C. science of soil and plants

92. B. clotting of blood

93. C. Sodium chloride

94. D. Sulphones

95. B. helium

96. C. yellow-green light

97. C. parthenogenesis

98. B. Bangalore

99. D. Jammu & Kashmir

100. A.  Marie Curie

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