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Quiz 1: Objective GK For All Examinations

01.’White Leg Horn’ is a disease which affects:

A. sambars                   B. elephants         C.cattle     D. birds

02. Atacama Desert is in :

A.  North America     B. South Africa     C. Russia      D. South America

03. Mahatma Gandhi University came in the ex­istence on:

A. 26th October 193           B. 26lh October 194    C.26th October 195 D. 26th October 196

04. Who is supposed to be the mythical founder of Jainism:

A. Mahavira      B.  Rishaba C. Parswanath      D.None of these

05. The Mughal Emperor who wrote their autobi­ographies

A. Akbar and Jehangir         B. Aurangazeb and Shahjahan        C. Babar and Humayun        D. Babar and Jehangir

06. Most  of the   Ajanta  Paintings   were completed during the reign of:

A. Satavahana          B. Vardhanas   C..Guptas    D. Sakas

07. Which one of the following contains the Gayatri Mantra ?

A. Yajur Veda            B.Upanishad        C Aranyaka         D. Rig Veda

0. The prose explanations of the vedas were known as the:

A. Brahmanas       B. Upanishads           C. Samhitas                   D. Aranyakas

09.In  which of the following modern Indian states Asokan’s inscriptions are

Not found ?

A. Karnataka        B.Andhra Pradesh               C.Tamil Nadu D. Orissa

10. The study of rocks is known as:
,A. seismology          B. paleontology     C. petrology            D. bathymetry

11. Gandhiji organised Dandi March in 1930 against:

A. the communal award       B.  imposition of tax on salt  C.  repression of the Congress      D. atrocities on Harijans

12. The battle of Plassey was a notable incident because:

A. the English East India Company got more trade commission            B. the British won over the French  C. Company’s rule came to an end      D. it established English control over Bengal

13. Chengiz Khan invaded India during the rule of:

A. Iltumish      B. Balban               C.  Alauddin Khilji           D. Qutubuddin Aibak

14. Who is the author of the book Ain-e-Akbari ?

A. Todarmal               B. Sheikh Saadi        C. Akbar        D. AbulFazal

15. Name the last Hindu King of Northern India:

A.  Harshavardhana             B. Samudra Gupta       C. Chandra Gupta Maurya

D. Vikramaditya

16. Which metal is mostly used for the manufac­ture of aeroplanes and is also

used by doctors to repair injured bones?

A. Pig iron  B. Tin             C. Aluminium            D. Silver

17. Which of the following is the national emblem of United Kingdom?

A. Rose          B.  Lilly        C. Eagle         D.   Shamrock

1. The Damodar Vally Corporation, the first mul­tipurpose rivervalley project of

Government of  India, was setup on:

A. 10th April 199      B. 7th July 194         C. 12 th July 19      D. 14 thJuly 199

19. Name of the author of the book ‘Tales from Shakespeare’ ?

A. Tolstoy       B. Charles Lamb       C.Thomas Hardy      D. William Shakespear

20. Bacteriophage is a kind of:
A.  RNA          B. Suga             C. Fungus   D. Virus

21. Census In India is being held rcgulary after every

A.  years       B.10 years C.6 years        D.12 years

22. J.J. Thomson discovered :

A. Positron    B. Electron        C.Proton            D.Neutron

23. Hercule.Poirot is the character in the books written by:

A. James Hardly Chase       B. P.G. Wodehouse C. George Bernard Shaw

D. Agatha Christie

24. Diagonal relationship exists between
A. Sodium and Magnesium B. Sodium and Boron           C Lithium and Magnesiunr   D. Potassium and Magnesium

25. In blood, a universal recipient belongs to the group:

A. A                       B.B             C. AB              D. O

26.       The paths of a projectile is a/an :

A.    trajectory            B. elliptical     C. hyperbola         D. parabola

27. Chese is a source of:

A.  both fats and proteins     B. proteins     C. fats D. none of these

2. Which of the following elementary particles is unstable ?

A. positron      B. neutron             C.electron             D. proton

29.The somatotrophic  hormone is secreted by :

A. thyroid gland          B. pituitary gland       C. adrenal gland        D. pancreas gland

30. The National Income  of India is compiled by:

A.  Planning Commission       B. Finance Commission      C. Indian statistical Institut   D. Central Statistical Organisation

31. The Indus valley civilization existed around :

A.   500 B.C.              B. 1700 B.C               C. 3000 B.C              D. 2500B.C

32. Which of the following diseases is caused by virus?

A. Scurvy                    B. Rickets      C. Polio       D. Beri-Beri

33. On which of the following rivers is Washing­ ton (USA) situated ?

A. Nile            B.Hudson         C. Danube               D.   Potomac

34.    Who discovered the medicine “Streptomycin”
A. Dewar        B. Waksman              C. Reed          D. Bushwell

35. Who wrote the book Mudraraff-shasam ?
A.  Vishakhadatta        B. Kalidas          C. Rabindranath Tagore           D. Bhavabhuti

36. Mahayana and Hinayana are the two divisions of:

A. Hinduism      B. Jainism               C.Christianity             D.Buddhism

37. Name the first Indian scientist to be awarded the Nobel Prize:

A.C.V.Raman       B. H.J.Bhabha     C.S. Chandrasekhar

D. M.N.Sahay

3. In which year was the Battle of Bauxar fought ?

A. 176      B. 1766          C. 1764          D.1765

39. Red, green and blue are known as:

A. Complementary colours  B. Primary colours    C. Secondary colours

D. Primary pigments

40. Earthquake waves travel fastest in
A. flexible rock           B. liquid water       C. motten rock      D. solid rock

41. Universal blood donors have blood type
A. 0              B. AB             C. B               D. A

42.Psychology is mainly concerned with:
A. structure of the body         B. diseases of the body       C. growth of the body

D. activity of the body

43. As a person becomes older, his blood pressure generally:

A. varies widely         B. remains the same            C. decreases   D.  increases

44. Which nutrient is not able to provide energy for cell use ?

A. fats B. carbohydrates       C. water          D. proteins

45. A large blood vessel that carries blood away from the heart is called :

A. an artery       B. a vein      C.nerve       D. a capillary

46. An important ore of uranium is :

A. chalcocite              B. pithchblende         C. taconite     D. carnallite

47. The hottest flame is produced by the:

A. atomic hydrogen torch       B. oxyacetylene torch          C. miner’s safety lamp

D. oxyhydrogen torch

4. Odissi is the dance style of:

A. Madhya Pradesh              B. Andra Pradesh     C. Haryana        D. Orissa

49. Who invented the telephone:

A.Newton       B. J.L.Baird                C. Alexander Graham Bell      D. Thomas Edison

50. The Ganapati festival is associated with which of the following states ?  .

A.Punjab         B.Maharashtra           C. Kerala    D.Karnataka


01. C.cattle

02. D. South America

03. A. 26th October 1983

04. B.  Rishaba

05. D. Babar and Jehangir

06. C..Guptas

07. D. Rig Veda

0. A. Brahmanas

09. C.Tamil Nadu

10. C. petrology

11. B.  imposition of tax on salt

12. D. it established English control over Bengal

13. A. Iltumish

14. D. AbulFazal

15. A.  Harshavardhana

16. C. Aluminium

17. A. Rose

1. B. 7th July 1948

19. B. Charles Lamb

20. D.D.Virus

21. B.10 years

22. B. Electron

23. D. Agatha Christie

24. C Lithium and Magnesiunr

25. C. AB

26. D. parabola

27. A.  both fats and proteins

2. B. neutron

29. B. pituitary gland

30. D. Central Statistical Organisation

31. C. 3000 B.C

32. C. Polio

33. D.   Potomac

34. B. Waksman

35. A.  Vishakhadatta

36. D.Buddhism

37. A.C.V.Raman

3. C. 1764

39. B. Primary colours

40. D. solid rock

41. A. 0

42. D. activity of the body

43. D.  increases

44. C. water

45. A. an artery

46. B. pithchblende

47. A. atomic hydrogen torch

4. D. Orissa

49. C. Alexander Graham Bell

50. B.Maharashtra

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