Atomic Power Plants in India Narora Atomic Power Station : Uttar Pradesh Kakrapara Atomic Power Station : Gujarat Kaiga Atomic Power Station : Karnatak Kalpakkam : Tamil Nadu koodamkulam :Tamil Nadu  (built with the help of Russia) Kota : Rajasthan (also Rana Prathap Sagar Atomic Plant)

First Men in India First Air Cheif Marshal : Arjan Singh First President of Indian National Congress : W.C .Banerjee First Indian Commander in Chief: Gen.K.M .Kariappa First Field Marshal : S.H.F.J .Manekshaw First Viceroy of India: Lord Canning First Muslim President of India : Dr.Zakirhussain First  Governer General of […]

The last Mouryan King was : Brihadratha In Jainisam “perfect Knowledge” is refferd to as : Kaivalya Asokan’s inscriptions were first deciphered by :James Princep Th Capital Kingdom of Maharaj Rangit Singh was : Lahore The most important Pallava ruler was : Gondophernes Buddha delivered his first sermon at : […]

1. Bombay : Maharashtra  : Bhopal ::……. A. Karnataka             B. Andhra Pradesh                     C. Madhya Pradesh D. Nagaland              E. None of these 2. Factory : Worker : : Finger : :…….. A. Nail             B. Hand   C. Arm     D. Palmer            E. None of these 3. Year : Month : : Week: : […]

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