Objective GK for Exams

1. Shanti Swarup Bhatnagar awards are given in the field – Science & Technology

2. Which of the following award is not given in the not the field of literature – Arjuna Awards.

3. Indira Gandhi Award 2009 for peace given to – Sheikh Hasina.

4. Indian makes nuclear deal with – Britan.

5. CNN IBN Indian of the year 2009 – A R Rehman.

6. Service Tax is Shared by – Central Government.

7. First E-court in which state – Gujarat (Ahmedabad).

8. Dada Saheb Phalke award is given in the field – Films.

9. Expand NREGA – National Rural Employment Guarantee Act.

10. Rashtriya Swasti Bima Yojana is – Health insurance scheme for BPL families.

11. Recently India signed nuclear agreement with – Argentina

12. First state to implement Unique Identification Authority of India on pilot basis – Karnataka.

13.Omar Abdullah belongs to which party – none option(Jammu & Kashmir National Conference)

14.Deep joshi got Ramon Magsaysay award 2009 for – Social service.

15. Scheme for giving food to school children – Mid Day Meal Scheme.

16. Who presented Railway Budget 2009-10 – Mamata Banerjee.

17. Article 243 – Panchayati Raj System/Reservation for women

18. Ganga will be clean and free flowing by the year – 2020.

19. Right to education bill for – upto 14 years children

20. Yasphal Committee – Higher Education.

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