First Indian Nobel Prize winner: Rabindra Nath Tagore was the first
Indian to win Nobel Prize. He won it for literature (Gitanjali) in 1913.

Gunadhya: author of Brihatkatha, ‘Great Story’, a famous collection
of tales, written in Paisachi dialect and regarded as one of the major
classics of Indian literature.

Sangam literature: was written in Tamil , mostly in the form of poetry.
Sangola, Treaty of: By this treaty, the power of the Peshwas in-

Sindhu: is the river most mentioned in early Vedic literature.

Smriti: is the traditional knowledge and designates almost the entire
body of post-Vedic classical Sanskrit literature. It is often referred to
as sastra, a term applied to any religious or philosophical treatise.
Manu Smriti is the oldest Smriti.

Anandmath: is a novel written by Bankim Chander Chatterjee. The
song Vande Mataram first appeared in Anandmath published in 1882.
It is known as the “Bible of Bengali literature”.

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