Jacobinism,Jazz,Jihad,Jingoism,Jiziya,Judicial Activism,Junta,Jurassic Period

Jacobinism: An extremist philosophy which believes in the role by terror because only a small group with the right vision can lead a revolution

Jazz: A musical form characterised by its social impact and artistic vitality. The oppression of Blacks in America was a major circumstance that gave birth to this music.

Jehovah’s Witnesses: An evangelical Christian sect that vehemently opposes both organised churches and the state.

Jihad: Islamic holy war for the protection and propagation of their religion.

Jingoism:Blind and war mongering patriotism.

Jiziya: A Muslim poll tax on non-muslims.

Judicial Activism: A term denoting the dominant and corrective role played by the Judiciary vis-a-vis the executive and the legislature in a democracy.

Junta: The military rulers of a country after an army takeover.

Jurassic Period: A geological period in the Mesozoic Era with a duration of about 54 million years beginning about 190 million years ago in which dinosaurs dominated the life on land.

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