International Boundary Lines

Durand Line: :Boundary line between India and Afganistan demarcated by sir Mortimer Durand in 1896

Hindenberg Line::Boundary line between Germany and Poland to which German retreated in 1917 during the first world war.

McMohan Line:: The boundary line between India and China to which China does not recognise.It was demarcated by sir Henry Mcmohan

Oder Niesse Line::The boundary line between East Germany and Poland.

Radcliffe Line::The boundary line between India and Pakistan drawn by sir Cyril Radcliffe in 1947.

17th Parallel::The line which defines the boundary between North Vietnam and south Vietnam before the two were united

20th Parallel::The line which pakistan claims should be the Demarcation line between India and Pakistan,not acceptable to India.

24th Parallel ::the boundary line between India and Myanmar

38th Parallel: The boundary line between North Korea and south Korea

49th Parallel::It is the boundaryline between USA and canada.

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  1. Durand Line is the line demarcating the boundaries of Pakistan and Afghanistan. Not between India and Afghanistan………

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