India Successfully Test-Fires Prahaar Missile

India today successfully carried out the first test-firing of its latest surface-to-surface quick reaction tactical missile `Prahaar’, which has a range of 150 kms.

Prahaar is capable of carrying different types of warheads and will be operated by the Army as a battle field support system.

“The test-firing was conducted successfully at 0820 hours today. Prahaar with a capability to strike targets at 150 kms, comparable to ATACMS missile of the United States, fills the vital gap between multi barrel rockets and medium range ballistic missiles,” DRDO spokesperson Ravi Gupta said.

The missile will be helpful in filling gaps between Pinaka multi-barrel rockets with 40 km range and Prithvi ballistic missiles with ranges between 250-350 kms.

The uniqueness of the missile with a payload of 200 kgs is that “in one salvo, six missiles can be fired at multiple targets in all directions covering the entire azimuth plane.”

The missile system developed by the DRDO in less than two years will provide the Army a cost effective, quick reaction, all weather, all terrain, high accurate battle field support tactical system.

The 7.3m long missile with a 420 mm diameter weighs 1280 kgs and goes to a height of 35 kms before striking its target at 150 km in four minutes and 10 seconds, they said.

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