Idealism:A philosophical theory according to which there is no matter in the universe except as perceived by the mind.

Imperialism: A political ideology in which a King / Emperor forcibly extends his domain over other countries and peoples.

Impressionism: The impressionist style of painting aims at achieving naturalism through tone and color.

Individualism:A socio-political theory according to which the rights of the individual should take precedence over the authority of the state.

Indology: The study of India and its past.

Inquisition: Practice by the Roman Catholic Church in Europe in the medieval period , intended to punish heretics.

Interferon: A natural protein produced by animal cells and so called because it causes “viral interference”, a process that prevents the spread of viruses.

International Dateline: An imaginary north south line down the Pacific Ocean where, by common consent, the date changes. East of the line it is one day earlier than to the west.

Internet: A world wide web of private and public computer networks making an unregulated electronic community.

Irrationalism: Irrationalism considers reason as a limiting factor in human experience.

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