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History Quiz -Questions and Answers based on Indian History and Culture

1.Which was the first metal to be used by man

(a) Copper (b) Iron (c) Bronze (d) Tin

Answer : A

2.The main historical source regarding the information about village government under the Cholas is the

(a) Halmidi inscription
(b) Jatwai inscription
(c) Uttaramerur inscription
(d) Chandravallo inscription

Answer : C

3.The first major inscription in classical Sanskrit is that of

a. Rudradaman

b. Chandragupta

c Vikramaditya

d. Samudragupta

Answer : A

4.Who built a tomb for Sher Shah at Sasaram

a. Ibrahim Shah

b. Islam Shah

d. Sikandar Shah

Answer : D

5.The capital of Cheras was

Answer : Muziris, now known as Kodungalloor

6. The capital of Cholas was

Answer : Kaveripattanam

7.The capital of Pandyas was

Answer : Madurai

8.Krishnadevaraya was the ruler of

Answer : Vijaya Nagar

9.The main centre or meeting point of Indo-Roman trade in ancient times was

a. Rome

b. Calicut

d. Karaikkal

Answer : B

10.The dynasty of the Sangam Age first mentioned by Megasthanese is

Answer : Pandya Dynasty

11.The main metal used by the Indus Valley people was

Answer : Copper

12.Who pursued the policy �Blood and Iron�

a. Balban

b. Firuz Tughlaq

d. Alauddin Khilji

Answer : A

13.The famous Dilwara Temple at Mount Abu, Rajasthan was built by

Answer : Tejpala

14.The official language of the Satavahana dynasty was

Answer : Prakrit

15.The Bahmani kingdom was founded by

Answer : Hasan

16.Nav Ratnas (nine gems) were the famous personalities associated with the court of

a. Chandra Gupta II

b. Harshavardhana

d. Samudra Gupta

Answer : A

17.Who got Daulatabad constructed

Answer : Muhammad-bin-Tuglaq

18. Which of the following is a port town of Indus Valley Civilization

a. Harappa

b. Ropar

d. Lothal

Answer : D

19.Chinese pilgrim who visited India during Harsha Vardhana�s period was

a. Hiuen Tsang

b. Fa-hien

d. Nishka

Answer : A

20.Who introduced the famous Persian festival of Nauroz

a. Alauddin Khilji

b. Iltumish

d. Balban

Answer : D

21.Mohiyuddin Mohammed is the real name of which Mughal ruler

Answer : Aurangazeeb

22.The Hoysala ‘s capital was

a. Warangal
b. Devagiri

d. Krishnagiri

Answer : C

23.Kalidas, the great Indian poet was in the court of which Hindu emperor

Answer : Chandragupta II

24.Who was the Nawab of Bengal at the time of the Battle of Plassey

Answer : Siraj-ud-daula

25.The rulers of which dynasties established the largest domination in Southern India

Answer : Cholas

26.The development of architecture was at its peak during the reign of

a. Nandas

b. Cholas

Answer : C

27.Which noble in the court of Akbar refused to be a convert to Din-i-Ilahi

Answer : Man Singh

28.The famous Nalanda University was during the period of

Answer : Harsha Vardhana

29.Which among the following ports was called Babul Makkha (Gate of Makkah) during the Mughal period

a. Broach

b. Calcutta

d. Calicut

Answer : C

30.Who among the following Indian rulers established embassies in foreign countries on modern lines

a. Tipu sultan

b. Mir Quasim

d. Shah Alam II

Answer : A

31.Which play deals with Chanakya�s attempts to place Chandragupta Maurya on the Maghadha throne

Answer : Mudraraksasa

32.Which of the following rulers had the title Kaviraja

a. Kumaragupta

b. Chanragupta

d. Samudragupta

Answer : D

33.Who among the following was a great musician in the court of Akbar

a. Abdul Fazal

b. Amir Khusro

d. Tansen

Answer : D

34.The literature of the Sangam age was written mostly in the form of

a. prose

b. poetry

d. All of these

Answer : B

35.Which of the following Rajput dynasties did not surrender to Akbar

a. Parmar

b. Pratihara

d. Sisodiya

Answer : B

36.Which rulers built Ellora temple

a. Chalukya

b. Rashtrakuta

d. Sunga

Answer : B

37.To which tribe does Gautama Buddha belongs to

Answer : Sakya

38.Avantika, the ancient city, in the time of Mauryas is now known as

Answer : Ujjain

39.Which ruler was famous as �Vikramaditya�

Answer : Chandragupta II

40.The council of nine gems� is associated with the name of

Answer : Chandragupta II

41.The court language of the Mughals was

Answer : Persian

42.Who among the following was the famous ruler of ancient India, who adopted Jain dharma at the last

a. Chandragupta

b. Samudragupta

d. Bindusare

Answer : A

43.Which Muslim ruler was keen to have friendly relations with the Rajputs

a. Akbar

b. Humayun

d. Aurangzeb

Answer : A

44.The Mongols under Genghis Khan invaded India during the reign of

Answer : Iltutmish

45.Which among the following rulers started �Ilahi Calendar� in 1583

a. Babur

b. Akbar

d. Sher Shah

Answer : B

46.Capital of Harsha was

Answer : Kanauj

47.Alberuni was the court scholar of

Answer : Mahmud Ghazni

48.During the early Vedic period, the society was divided on the basis of

Answer : Occupation

49.The third Buddhist council was held at

Answer : Pataliputra

50. Which Sikh Guru founded the city Amritsar

Answer : Fourth

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    Which of the following Rajput dynasties did not surrender to Akbar
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  2. Who introduced the famous Persian festival of Nauroz Iltumish
    i think its was wrong

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  4. Good question but some of the question answer was not there, please send me latest history general knowledge question and answer.

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    council of nine gems is associated with chandragupta??
    is it not akbar?
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