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  • The wedding of Albert II, Prince of Monaco, and Charlene Wittstock takes place at the Prince’s Palace in Monaco.
  • Astronomers announce the discovery of ULAS J1120+0641, the most distant quasar yet found.
  • The Jiaozhou Bay Bridge, the world’s longest cross-sea bridge, opens in Shandong, People’s Republic of China.
  • The 1,318-km (819-mi) Beijing–Shanghai High-Speed Railway opens after 39 months of construction.
  • Amid heavy protests, the Greek parliament passes austerity measures to obtain the latest tranche of a €110 billion EFSF loan.
  • Christine Lagarde is appointed Managing Director of the International Monetary Fund, beginning 5 July.
Armed conflicts and attacks
  • According to the Telegraph, the Sudanese army invades Libya, taking control of the southern town of Al-Kufra. (The Telegraph)
Business and economy
  • Australia’s Civil Aviation Safety Authority grounds all Tiger Airways flights in the country until July 9 due to a range of safety concerns. (AAP via Sydney Morning Herald)

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