GK -Repeated Questions in Exams

1. ” Asteroids” are located between two planets in the solar system. Which ones?

Mars & Jupiter

2. RESIDEX is an index , which is used to watch prices of land in various parts of the country . Which of the following had introduced this index?
(A)National Housing Bank

3.” Millennium Development Goals ” are introduced by __________?
(A)United Nations Organization

4.India’s GDP during the third quarter of 2008-09 was _________?


5.Which among the following states is the highest producer of Soya bean in India?

(B)Madhya Pradesh

6.Which among the following is highest producer of wheat in India?

(B)Uttar Pradesh

7.The Rural Business Hub (RBH) scheme, jointly launched by the Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) and the Union Ministry of Panchayati Raj, was launched in 2008 in which state?

(C)Uttar Pradesh

8.” SEZ” was launched in which year ?


9.Which are the two nations , India’s largest trading partners , 1st & 2nd respectively ?

(B)US & China

10.Parekh Committee is related to which of the following ?

(B)Infrastructure Financing

11.” Parivartan Scheme ” is a scheme of _________?

(B)State Bank of India

12.The ” Rural Infrastructure Development Fund ” is operated by ________?


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