GK Question Series 50

1. Find the odd one out –
(a) Petrol, (b) Diesel, (c) Vanaspati, (d) Kerosene
Answer : (c) Vanaspati
2. Find Odd one out –
(a) Kuchupudi, (b) Katak, (c) Manipuri, (d) Carnatic
Answer : (d) Carnatic
3. Find the odd one out – Ear:Music; Nose:——–
(a) Face, (b) Breath, (c) Smell, (d) voice
Answer : (c) Smell
4. Fien the odd one out – Peace: Amity; Conceal:——-
(a) Reveal, (b) Hide, (c) Disappear, (d) Voice
Answer : (b) Hide
5. The greatest Asian river mekong does not run through?(b) Hide (a) China, (b) Malaysia, (c) Cambodia, (d) Laos
Answer : (b) Malaysia
6. Which one of the following four vedas contains an account of magical charms and spells?
(a) Rig veda, (b) Yajur veda, (c) Atharva veda, (d) Samaveda
Answer : (c) Atharva veda
7. Which of the following sequences indicate the current chronological order?
(a) Shankaracharya – Ramanuja – Chaitanya, (b) Ramanuja – Shankaracharya – Chaitanya, (c) Ramanuja – Chaitanya – Shankaracharya, (d) Shankaracharya – Chaitanya – Ramanauja
Answer : (a) Shankaracharya-Ramanuja-Chaitanya
8. In which organ of the human body are the lymphocyte cells are formed?
Answer : Bone
9. Question :
Which bill is passed by each house of Indian Parliament separetely by special majority?
Answer : Constitution Amendment bill
10. Octopus is a?
Answer : Mollusc
11. Who is the director of the film ‘Karuthapakshikal’?
Answer : Kamal
12. The Hunter commisssion was appointed after the ——–
Answer : Jalianwallabagh massacre
13. The Indian National Army (INA) came in to existence in 1943 in ………
Answer : Singapore

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