GGK Series -Geographical Questions and Answers

1.What is Angkor Wat of Kampuchea

Ans : A temple

2.Which is the longest river in the African continent

Ans : Nile

3.What is sobriquet (Geographical surname) of Finland

Ans : The land of Thousand Lakes

4.Which countries are linked by the Khyber Pass

Ans : Afghanistan and Pakistan

5.The longest river in the world Nile, drains into which sea

Ans : Mediterranean Sea

6.The Great Barrier Reef is situated on the coast of

Ans : Australia

7.The third largest continent in the world

Ans : North America

8.The longest river of Europe is

Ans : Volga

9.A European country has 5500 lakes within its territory. Which is the country

Ans : Finland

10.Eritrea is on the banks of which sea

Ans : Red sea

11.The Grand Canyon is located on the

Ans : Colorado River

12.The second largest desert in the world is

Ans : Gobi

13.The largest desert in the world is

Ans : Sahara

14.Location of Mohave desert is in

Ans : Southwestern United States

15.Location of Simpson desert is in

Ans : Australia

16.Location of Thar desert is in

Ans : India/Pakistan

17.Location of Kyzyl Kum desert is in

Ans : Uzbekistan

18.Location of Kalahari desert is in

Ans : Southwestern Africa

19.Location of Sonoran desert is in

Ans : Mexico/southwestern United States

20.Durand line is the International boundary which separates the countries

Ans : Pakistan-Afghanistan

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