Generalknowledge-Objective GK Series for Exams

1. The Father of Indian Industry is

Jamshedji Tata

2. The Shakespeare of India is


3. The Other name of this Country is Emerald Island


4. The Granite City of the World is

Abardeen, Scotland

5. India s First Newspaper is

Bengal Gazette

6. The most Populous City of India is


7. The beneficiary Sector of the Central Government Scheme ‘Ganga
Kalyan Yojana’ is


8. The Older Name of State Bank of India is

Imperial Bank of India

9. The abbreviation of IFCI is

Industrial Finance Corporation of India

10. The World AIDS Day is

December 1

11. This Lady Freedom Fighter is the founder of the Newspaper called ?New
India is

Annie Besant

12. He is the founder of Mughal Emperor


13.This is the First Bank which was established in India

Bank of Hindustan

14. The Unit of Time is


15. He is the First Governor of Reserve Bank of India

Sir Smith

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