General Knowledge Today Quiz Time Continues..

Q1. Which Indian state is the largest producer in the world of the golden coloured ‘Muga’ silk ?
(A) Assam
(B) Orissa
(C) West Bengal
(D) Karnataka

Answer : (A) Assam

Q2. Which Indian freedom fighter was popularly called ‘Mahamana’ ?
(A) Bal Gangadhar Tilak
(B) Jai Prakash Narain
(C) Gopal Hari Deshmukh
(D) Madan Mohan Malaviya

Answer : (D) Madan Mohan Malaviya

Q3. Which Indian state would you be in if you were watching birds at Ranganathittu Birds Sanctuary, situated on an island in the Kaveri river ?
(A) Karnataka
(B) Maharashtra
(C) Tamil Nadu
(D) Andhra Pradesh

Answer : (A) Karnataka

Q4.’Anandmath’, ‘Durgeshnondini’ and ‘Kapalkundala’ novels were authored by which Bengali writer ?
(A) Rabindranath Tagore
(B) Sharat Chandra Chatterjee
(C) Bankim Chandra Chatterjee
(D) Bibhuti Bhushan Bandopadhyay

Answer : (C) Bankim Chandra Chatterjee

Q5. Baglihar Dam, also known as Baglihar Hydroelectric Power Project, in Jammu & Kashmir is built across which river ?
(A) Beas
(B) Chenab
(C) Jhelum
(D) Sutlej

Answer : (B) Chenab

Q6. Where was the first Indian Institute of Management (IIM) established in 1961 ?
(A) Kolkata
(B) Bengaluru
(C) Ahmedabad
(D) Lucknow

Answer : (A) Kolkata

Q7. What line connects the points on a map that receive equal amounts of rainfall ?
(A) Isobar
(B) Isohel
(C) Isotherm
(D) Isohyet

Answer : D) Isohyet

Q8. On 28 May 2008, the Indian Air Force attained the Airborne Warning And Control System (AWACS) capability by procuring the Phalcon radar (mounted on Russian plane IL-76) from which country ?
(A) France
(B) Israel
(C) Russia
(D) Germany

Answer : (B) Israel

Q9. Which India born physicist invented the ‘Optical Fibre’ ?
(A) C.V. Raman
(B) Satyendra Nath Bose
(C) Homi J. Bhabha
(D) Narinder Singh Kapany

Answer : (D) Narinder Singh Kapany

Q10. Which Australian state was formerly known as “Van Diemen’s Land” ?
(A) Victoria
(B) Queensland
(C) Tasmania
(D) New South Wales

Answer : (C) Tasmania

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