General Knowledge Questions for exams

1. A writ of Mandamus can be issued by the Supreme Court to –
Answer : An Official to perform public duty.
2.Who is the director of the film “Daivanamathil’?
Answer : Jayaraj
3. Kollam Era began in –
Answer : AD 825
4. Zulus are the group of people living in –
Answer : South Africa
5. This is the matter ——— I am proud – (a) which, (b) that, (c) who, (d) of which
Answer : (a) which
6.Things haven’t changed ———- over the past few years? – (a) much, (b) more, (c) many, (d) few
Answer : (a) much
7. The largest gland in the Human body?
Answer : Liver
8. Excessive consumption of alcoholic drinks causes damage to the –
Answer : Liver
9.Official language of Jammu and Kashmir is –
Answer : Urdu
10. The biggest Assembly Constituency in India?
Answer : Muzaffarpur
11. The first woman President of Indian National Congress?
Answer : Annie Besant
12.Mother Teresa was born in ?
Answer : Yugoslavia
13.Which country is known as land of rising sun?
Answer : Japan

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