General Knowledge Questions And Answers Series 4

Why do the clothes keep us warm during winter?

Ans : Clothes prevent the heat of the body to escape.

Why do we hear better on water than land?

Ans : Sound travels faster in water than air

Why are the mountains cooler than plains?
Ans : Air on the mountains is less dense so it absorbs less heat.

Why is it easier to swim in sea water than in river?

Ans : Density of sea water is higher

The only paramilitary force which has an exclusive ‘Mahila Battalion’ is

Ans : CRPF batch – 88

The largest paramilitary force in India

Ans : Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF)

Who is legally competent to declare war or conclude peace treaty

Ans : The President

Thumba rocket launching station is in which state

Ans : Kerala

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