General Knowledge for You

1. China launched its first lunar orbiter in 2007. What is its name?

a) Lunz’e 1
b) Wan Hu
c) Chang’e 1

2. The Suzuki Corporation has launched its first scooter for the Indian market. What is the name of this scooter?

a) Access 125
b) Marut 125
c) Excellent X
d) Pawan 125

3. Who won the Linares-Morelia Chess tournament in 2008?

a) V Anand
b) Veselin Topalov
c) Vladimir Kramnik

4. Which Indian bank recently opened its 10,000th branch becoming the second bank in the world to have as many branches?

a) Bank of India
b) State Bank of India
c) ICICI Bank

5. Gas has recently been discovered at which of the following river basins?

a) Krishna-Godavri bain
b) Cauvery basin
c) Ganga basin

6. Which Indian entity recently bagged a position in the list of world’s top ten largest derivative bourses?

a) NSE
b) Sensex
c) MCX

7. Which Indian company recently acquired Jaguar and Land Rover?

a) Bajaj Auto
b) Tata Motors
c) Mahindra & Mahindra

9. Who  won the Best writer award in the Europe region category of the Commonwealth Writer’s Prize 2008?

a) VS Naipaul
b) Indra Sinha
c) Tahmima Anam

10. India’s first centre to monitor climate change has been opened at

b) Mumbai
b) Chennai
c) Kolkata


1. Chang’e 1
2. Access 125
3. V Anand
4. State Bank of
5. Krishna-Godavri bain
6. NSE
7. Tata Motors
9. Indra Sinha
10. Chennai

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