Ewaybill ,What is an E-Waybill ?all about e-way bills

What is E-Waybill?

Automatic E-Waybill for Your ERP

States where Automatic E-Waybill generation is Supported

Maharashtra Telangana Andhra Pradesh Madhya Pradesh Uttar Pradesh Bihar Jharkhand Gujarat Rajasthan Assam Karnataka Orissa West Bengal


Simple & Unified User Interface to avoid confusion

365 Build presents a single interface where your personnel can input relevant data for an e-waybill form. All the relevant details like other dealer TIN, address, commodity type etc. gets pre-filled to lessen manual entry burden. No need to navigate through multiple screens. Even technically challenged site personnel can operate the system with minimum fuss.

Removal of manual work in form submission

Our system will automatically login with your username/password, submit the details filled in the unified interface into the e-waybill portal and get a print-out on your desk.

Data for future reference

All the details given and the pdf form are saved in your system automatically for future references.


eshops are electronic version of a commercial physical shops . eshops helps a store owner to sell his goods and services electronically and collect payments  in digital mode such as credit card,debit card,internet banking methods.

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