Download Internet Explorer 9

The much awaited version of Microsoft’s Internet browser is here! It features a completely re-designed “minimalistic” interface and many other new features like:
– Pinned websites
– Better performance thanks to the re-worked JavaScript engine (Codenamed Chakra) that is capable to use multiple cores on a PC
– Support for latest web standards like HTML5 and CSS3
– GPU hardware acceleration for rendering rich content faster (by the use of Direct2D APIs)
Bottom line, if you’ve been hating Internet Explorer since version 6.0, then 9.0 will bring about a refreshing change for the better.

Open the Download link below to go ahead with the
32-bit version of the beta for Windows 7.
For the 64-bit version of Windows 7, open here.
Also, open here to check our IE9 beta
in your native language and for the Windows Vista versions.

Download Point

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