Current Affairs based on International Events

1. Ela Bhatt chosen for Niwano Peace Prize, she is from which Organisation – SEWA.

2. India signed a climate pact with – China.

3. Zine El Abidine Ben Ali sworn as president of – Tunisia

4. According to the world report what % of water is used for agriculture purpose – 69%

5. Dadaab camp is in news recently, it is in which country – Kenya

6.Which Country supplied JF-17 fighter jets to Pakistan – China

7.Irina Bokova is associated with – UNESCO.

8. World Investment Report released by – UNCTAD.

9. Angela Merkel elected as chancellor for the second time – Germany

10. Which country critised India for a road network connecting some states including Arunachal Pradesh – China.

11. Which country objected the meeting between Dalai Lama and Barack Obama – China.

12. Recently which country celebrated Rabindranath Tagore birthday – China.

13. Goodluck Jonathan has been elected as a president of which country – Nigeria.

14. To which country EU has decided to give Bailout – Greece.

15. Herman Van Rompuy’s is the first President of EU, he was the former PM of – Belgium.

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