Top 5 Largest Planetary Moons

Moon / Planet               KM          MILES Ganymade(Jupiter)       5262.4     3,269.9 Titan (saturn)                   5150.0      3200.1 Callisto(Jupiter)             4820.6     2995.4 LO (Jupiter)                     3642.6      2995.4 Moon (Earth)                   More...

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By gktoday On Tuesday, April 6th, 2010

Burj Khalifa-The Tallest Building in the World

The world’s tallest animal is a giraffe and the world’s known tallest man is Robert Pershing Wadlow. The giraffe is 5.49m (18 ft.), the man is 2.55m (8ft. 11.1 in.). The world’s More...

By gktoday On Thursday, March 18th, 2010

World’s shortest railway reopens in Los Angeles

The world’s shortest railway, Angels Flight, reopened in Los Angeles after being out of service for nine years. The first Angels Flight operated from 1901. The service was closed for redeveloping the location More...

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World’s Fastest Train is in China

World’s Fastest Train is in China: China Railway High-Speed (CRH) is World’s fastest train which runs at an average speed train of 350 km per hour. The super-high-speed train connects the cities of Guangzhou, More...

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GK Questions Related to Largest Smallest Highest in the World

Which is the Largest Continent Ans : Asia Which is the Largest Island Ans : Greenland Which is the Largest Ocean Ans : Pacific Which is the Largest Peninsula Ans : Arabia Which is the Largest Freshwater Lake Ans More...