Answers to the GK Question Quiz asked on Sep 21,2012

GK Question of the day :

Which dance is popularly known as “Poetry in motion”?
(a) Mohiniyattam
(b) Kuchipudi
(c) Bharatnatyam
(d) Kathakali

The correct answer is (c) Bharatnatyam.
It is a highly traditional and stylized dance form of Tamil Nadu based on the principles of Natyashastra written by the sage, Bharatha, and is popularly referred to as ‘poetry in motion’.

When was the UNO founded?

answer : (c) 24 October 1945

Improve your English now :

Meaning of the word “affluent”
(a) Speaking well
(b) Rich
(c) Coming Rapidly
(d) Following obedently
The correct answer is (b) Rich.
‘Affluent’ means ‘wealthy’ or being able to afford all material needs. One who speaks well is ‘eloquent’ and one who follows obdiently is a ‘disciple’.
answer :

Check your word power :
Find the correctly spelt word :
(a) Concious
(b) Consious
(c) Conscious
(d) Concsious

answer : (c) Conscious

Current affairs question for the day
Rashtriya Aarogya Nidhi Scheme was launched inĀ  which state ?

answer :(b) Arunachal pradesh


Congratulations to all who posted the correct answers. A new set of questions will be posted soon.


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