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Published On: Tue, Nov 20th, 2012

Knowledge Quiz .Let’s Start Posting your answers !

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1. During the 1857 Mutiny, who among the following was Governor General of India?
(A)Lord Canning
(B)Lord Elgin
(C)Lord Dalhousie
(D)Lord Elleborough

2. Kiel Canal connects which among the following?
(A)Baltic Sea and North sea
(B)Baltic Sea and Norwegian Sea
(C)Baltic Sea and White Sea
(D)White Sea and North Sea

3. Who construct ‘ Beebi Ka Makbara’

A. Auramgazeb B. Bahadur Sha-2 C. Assam Sha D. Nissam Sha

4.The Word ‘ Budgert’ is derived from which language
A. Latin B. English C. French D. Greek
5.World Press Day

A. May 6 B May 3 C. May 14 D. May 16

6. Who wrote the book ‘ Dynamic University’

A. A.P.J. B. V.V. Giri C. Sakkir Hussain D. M. Desai

7. What is the maximum size & Minimum size of a Vidhan Sabha in Indian state, as outlined in the Constitution of India ?
(A)500, 50
(B)400, 40
(C)500, 60
(D)350, 45

8. In context with biology, which among the following is a Zoophyte?

(A)A plant that resembles an animal
(B)An animal that resembles a plant
(C)A plant that grows on an animal
(D)An animal that grows on a plant


Post your answers as comments below. The correct answers, along with a new set of questions, will be posted tomorrow.

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  1. Teerath Ghoda says:

    1] A
    2] B
    3] B
    4] A
    5] A
    6] D
    7] D
    8] B

  2. t.s.bhubaneswari says:

    A)A)C.B.B.C. Sakkir Hussain .A)500, 50.(B)An animal that resembles a plant

  3. t.s.bhubaneswari says:

    excellent and mind blowing

  4. Abhimanyu says:

    1.Charles Canning
    2.(A)Baltic Sea and North sea
    3. Mughal Prince Azam Shah in the late 17th century as a loving tribute to his mother, Rabia Durrani (the first wife of the Mughal Emperor Aurangzeb).
    4. French word “Bougette” , also latin word “BULGA”
    5. May 3
    6. Zakir Hussain
    7.not more than 500 members and not less than 60.
    8. An animal that resembles a plant especially a coral, sea anemone, sponge, or sea lily.

    P.S. Plz mind the spellings in your questions’ options

  5. maheep says:

    1 A
    2 A
    4 A
    7 C

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