Explorer I-The first successful U.S. satellite

The first successful U.S. satellite, Explorer I, was launched into Earth orbit by the Army on Jan. 31, 1958, at Cape Canaveral, Florida, four months after Russia orbited Sputnik. The 18-pound satellite had a cylindrical shape and was 80 inches long and six inches in diameter. Explorer I’s small package of instruments produced the first major More...

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What is a Chronograph?

A chronograph is a timepiece capable of measuring discrete elapsed time units as well as telling time in a 12-hour format. In such a watch, each of these two separate time-keeping functions operates independently. More...

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Altimeter: an apparatus used in aircraft for measuring altitudes. Ammeter: is used for to measure intensity of sound. Anemometer: is an instrument for measuring the force and velocity of wind. Audiometer: an instrument More...