PSC Question Series 1-Junior Employement Officer-National Employement Services and L D C -Company/corporation/board

Junior Employement Officer – National Employement Services and L D C -Company/corporation/board (special recruitment-sc/st): Exam held on 28-06-2008 -Soved Paper 1. River Ob.Irtysh is in: Russia 2. Sumatra is situated in: Indian Ocean 3. Gobi desert is in: Mangolia 4. The number of nominated members in the Rajya Sabha: 12 5. How many times Financial More...

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Mental Ability Questions from Previous PSC Examinations – Series 1

1. Bombay : Maharashtra  : Bhopal ::……. A. Karnataka             B. Andhra Pradesh                     C. Madhya Pradesh D. Nagaland              E. None of these 2. More...