BBC-The British Broadcasting Corporation

The British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) is the principal public service broadcaster in the United Kingdom, headquartered in the Broadcasting House in the City of Westminster, London. It is the largest broadcaster in the world, with about 23,000 staff. Its main responsibility is to provide public service broadcasting in the United Kingdom, Channel More...

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ISRO Its Histroy and its Activities

Indian Space Programme Space Study ,Space Activities in India  and ISRO Space activities in India started during early 1960s with the scientific investigation of upper atmosphere and ionosphere over the magnetic More...

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United Nations and its Secretaries Generals

The history of the United Nations as an international organization has its origins in World War II. US President Franklin Delano Roosevelt first suggested using the name United Nations to refer to the Allies More...

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Azim Premji Foundation

Azim Premji Foundation o    Today it reaches out 16,600 plus schools, nearly 3 lk children and about 60,000 teachers with a team of 250 professionals and over 1000 paid field volunteers.  More...

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Financial Action Task Force(FATF)

Financial Action Task Force (FATF) was founded by the G-7 countries in 1989 to develop and promote national and international policies to combat money laundering and terror financing. The membership of the FATF More...

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SAARC-South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation

SAARC -South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation The membership of the South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation (SAARC) has risen to eight with the admission of Afghanistan to its fold. The Association More...

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Organisations and its Founders

Theolical soceity  -Madem Blavesky,Kernal Aulkot Brahma samajam (1928) – Raja Ram Mohan Roy Arya samajam -Swami Dayandasarswati Prartana samjam (1867)-Atmaram pandurang Servants of India soceity (1905)-Gopalakrishna More...