General Knowledge today’s Quiz Contest this week.

1. Aquaphobia is the term associated with? (a) fire (b) water (c) soil (d) sky 2. Price theory is also known as a) Macro Economics b) Development Economics c) Public Economics d) Micro Economics 3. WTO basically promotes a) financial support b) global peace c) unilateral trade d) multilateral trade 4.The normal cholesterol level in human body is A) More...

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By gktoday On Friday, January 24th, 2014
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Dear Quiz Participants, thanks for participating in the gk today’s quiz contest No.2 Posted on 16th January 2014 the correct answer series is 1 D,  2 C ,3 A , 4 A and the winners More...

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General Knowledge today’s Quiz .Let’s Start Posting your answers !

1. Which among the following inert Gases is not present in our atmosphere? (A) Neon (B) Argon (C) Krypton (D) Xenon (E) Radon 2.Which one of the following is not a rabi crop? (A) Wheat (B) Maize (C) Grain (D) Mustard 3.The More...

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General Knowledge Quiz Questions for today !

GK Questions of the day : 1) ‘As You Like It’ was written by : (a) Bernard Shaw (b) George Orwell (c) Pearl S Buck (d) Shakespeare 2) The Konkan railway has been constructed between : (a) Thiruvananthapuram More...

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gk today quiz series of the day

1. Chalukya dynasty in South India was founded by Pulakesin I 2. Which control the amount of Calcium in blood? Parathyroid 3. The main component of LPG are propane and butane 4.  ‘Dasakumar Charitam’ was composed More...