Easy General Knowledge

  1. Screen that comes on when you turn on your computer that shows all the icons. desktop 2. Which colour of paint is formed when yellow and blue paint is mixed? Violet 3. How many bones are present in human skull? 22 4. The only Muslim woman to sit on the throne of Delhi was Razia Sultan 5. English as a media of education was introduced in India More...

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. New Member :- • United Nation – Total– 193 (Last– South Sudan) • WTO – Total– 156 (Last – Russia) • World bank and IMF – Total– 188 (Last – South Sudan)                            More...

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GK Club .Todays GK Points !!

1. 800 B.C -600B.C is designated as the period of Brahmanas 2. Who is the winner of AFC Asian Cup 2011? Japan 3. Who among the following is known as ‘Kipper’? Field Marshal K.M. Cariappa 4. Film ‘Krishna’ More...

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20 Trivia Questions and its answers from generalknowledgetoday!!

  1. who among the following was the Prime Minister of India when Mandal Commission was constituted? (B)Morar Ji Desai 2. Which among the following two capital cities of India are connected by National Highway More...

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GK For exams !

1. What is the total number of Upanishads? Ans. 108 2. How many muscles are there in a human finger? Ans. None 3. What colour is the centre scoring zone of an archery target ? Ans. Gold 4. At which Harappan site More...

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Improve your General Knowledge

1. In the sixth and fifth centuries B.C., the most remarkable king of the Haryanka line was Bimbisara 2. When was ILO awarded the Nobel Prize for peace? 1969 3. Potato is an underground modified stem referred to More...

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www.GeneralKnowledgetoday.com -Keeps your Brain Updated with Latest General Knowledge and Current affairs Everyday !. Generalknowledgetoday. Keeps your Brain Updated with Latest General Knowledge and Current affairs More...

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GKToday Quiz time

What drug does tobacco contain Nicotine. What does talcum power consists of Magnesium silicate. The main consistent of gobar gas Methane. A gland known as the gland of emergency Adrenal gland. The largest flower More...

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Do you Know . GK Quiz Series

1. Who was the first Asian to win the Nobel Prize? a) Rabindranath Tagore b) Yasunari Kawabatha c) CV Raman d) None of these 2. Who among the following scientists have won the Nobel Prize for chemistry and peace? a) More...

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General Knowledge for all

1. Who founded the new religion Din-i-Elahi? a) Akbar b) Sikander Lodhi c) Qwaja Moinuddin Chisti d) Babur 2. Who was the first woman Chief Minister of an Indian state? a) Jayalalitha b) Padmaja Naidu c) Sucheta More...