General Knowledge and General Awareness Questions with answers for exams

1. ‘Food For Oil’ programme running in which of the following countries was in news recently ? (A) Kuwait (B) Iran (C) Iraq (D) Lebanon (E) None of these 2. The ‘Supreme Court of India’ recently declared which of the following proclamations unconstitutional ? (A) Formation of an enquiry commission to probe Volcker Reports (B) Dissolution of More...

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By gktoday On Tuesday, August 30th, 2011

Bank Exam Preperation-Solved Papers

1) In the Union Budget 2011-12, Finance Minister Pranab Mukherjee proposed to increase the Income Tax Exemption Limit   for individual tax payers from Rs 1 lakh 60 thousand to _? a.1 lakh 80 thousand b.1 lakh More...

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Test Your General Intelligence-Useful for Bank Exam Preperations

1.Four friends P, Q, R and contributed money for a charitable institution. P contributes double the money that S contributed. R contributed half the money that Q contributed and Q contributed half the money that More...