Alamatti Dam and the river Krishna

The Almatti Dam is a dam project on the Krishna River in North Karnataka, India which was completed in July 2005. The target annual electric output of the dam is 560 MU (or GWh). The Almatti Dam is the main reservoir of the Upper Krishna Irrigation Project; the 290 megawatt (MW) power project is located on the right side of the Almatti Dam. The facility More...

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Historical Places in India

Adina Mosque: Pandua (West Bengal) Ajanta Caves: Aurangabad (Maharashtra) Akbar’s Tomb: Sikandra, Agra Aksherdham: Gandhinagar, Gujarat Amarnath Cave: Kashmir Amber Palace: Jaipur (Rajasthan) Anand Bhawan: Allahabad Bibi More...

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Tokyo Sky Tree is the world’s tallest tower

The world’s tallest tower and Tokyo’s biggest new landmark is the Tokyo Sky Tree, which opened to the public on May 22, 2012.It is recognized by Guinness World Records as the tallest tower (634 metres), beating More...

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Indian Industries

Cotton Textile Industry in India Most important industry in terms of employment and production of export goods. In Maharashtra (Mumbai, Sholapur, Pune, Kolhapur, Satara, Wardha, Hajipur), Gujarat (Ahmedabad, More...

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Famous People Birthplaces

Places Persons Bardoli Sardar Patel Belur Ramakrishna Paramahamsa Brindaban (U.P.) Lord Krishna Chittor, Haldighat Rana Pratap Corsica, Elba, Wateriloo Napoleon Fathepur Sikri Akbar the Great Jerusalem Jesus More...