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English Lessons from General Knowledge Today Improve your English now : try yourself . correct answers will posted tomorrow . 1.Things were different ______ I was young. (a) because (b) since (c) unless (d) when2.The main aim of Rural Development Programme is the ________ of poverty. (a) demolition (b) alleviation (c) wiping (d) easing 3.At the last More...

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The Test of English as a Foreign Languageâ„¢ (TOEFL®) evaluates the English proficiency of nonnative speakers of English as it is spoken, written, and heard in college and university environments. It tests all More...

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Synonymous Quiz

Questions (A, B, C, D, E)Answer : Pick out the word synonymous with the one in the sentence given below. 1. A. After the dismal show the caption resigned his job. (a) poor (b) sorrowful (c) minimum (d) short (e) More...

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Word Power

Find the word comes closest in meaning 1. Arraign a. Exculpate b. Reign c. Accuse d. Free 2. Propitiate a. Appease b. Hassle c. Aggravate d. Annoy 3. Obloquy a. Credit b. Blame c. Castigate d. Respect 4. Puerile a. More...

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Learn English-How to Change a Direct Speach to Indirect Speech

Direct Speach to Indirect Speech Exercises – Here are some specific exercises to practice on 1.He said, ?I wish to learn English?. Answer : He said that he wished to learn English 2.The old man exclaimed, More...

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English Corner-One Words

1.Government of a country by a small group of people, especially a hereditary nobility : Aristocracy 2.One who believes in anarchy : Anarchist 3.The absence of any formal system of government in a society : Anarchy 4.Government More...

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ALPHABETUM is a Unicode font specifically designed for ancient languages that includes Ancient, Classical & Medieval Latin and many other ancient scripts.  More...