Some interesting facts about English language

An interesting fact : Have you ever wondered why the English computer keyboard is set out in the way it is instead of in alphabetical order? The reason for this is on early typewriters, the keys needed to be arranged in a certain way so that the mechanical rods which held the letters did not clash too much and jam. The letters needed to More...

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Should-i-use-is-needed-or-is-in-need.difference between need and needed

When you are looking at a task remaining, it seems right to me to say, “what needs to be done” in the simple present tense. I have seen some people write “what is needed to be done.” While More...

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The father of English poetry

Geoffrey Chaucer , known as the Father of English literature, is widely considered the greatest English poet of the Middle Ages . Geoffrey Chaucer (c. 1343 – 25 October 1400) is ranked as one of the greatest More...

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English Classroom .ANSWERS TO THE QUESTIONS posted on 7th dec

Improve your English now !! Answers : 1. (d) when 2. (a) demolition 3. (a) put off 4. (d) Friendly more exp : Antonyms:     friendly, hospitable, kind Synonyms:     adverse, antipathetic, destructive, disaffected, More...

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Improve your English now !!

English Lessons from General Knowledge Today Improve your English now : try yourself . correct answers will posted tomorrow . 1.Things were different ______ I was young. (a) because (b) since (c) unless (d) when2.The More...

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English Classroom :Improve your English now

Improve your English now : Most of the people in rural India are leading a _______ existence. (a) hand to mouth (b) make both ends meet (c) hard up (d) pillar to post can you guess the answer ? The answer for the More...

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English Classroom :Check your Word Power

Check your Word Power : Which word among the options is closest in meaning to : REMAINED. (a) Pending (b) Lasted (c) Survived (d) Continued can you guess the answer ? The answer for the above question will be published More...

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English Classroom -Check your Word Power

Improve your English now : Check your Word Power : Pick out the word/phrase that means the same as ‘Complement’. (a) To flatter (b) Duplicate (c) Make Complete (d) Combine Try to answer yourself .Post More...