2016 Global Peace Index Rankings

Global Peace Index rankings Country 2016 rank 2016 score Iceland 1 1.192 Denmark 2 1.246 Austria 3 1.278 New Zealand 4 1.287 India has been ranked 141 on the 2016 Global Peace Index, falling behind countries like Burundi, and Serbia on the 163-country list. Prepared by the Institute for Economics and Peace (IEP), the list names Syria More...

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By gktoday On Thursday, October 8th, 2015

World’s largest asteroid impact zone

Researchers have recently found world’s largest asteroid impact zone in central Australia. The two impact zones total more than 400 kilometres across, in the Warburton Basin in Central Australia. They extend More...

By gktoday On Wednesday, July 9th, 2014

Earth’s largest water reservoir found !

Researchers believe they have found the Earth’s largest water reservoir around 643 km underneath North America, inside mantle rock. This water is not in a form familiar to us—it is not liquid, ice or vapour. More...

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World’s five hotspots of biodiversity Here are five of the world’s highest biodiversity ecologies still over 70 percent intact, as identified by the Conservation International. Hotspots require two main criteria: More...

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Earth Matters-Facts about Dead Sea

Dead Sea  is located between the borders of Israel and Jordan is actually a lake. Sitting in a valley almost 400m below sea level it’s positioned at not only the lowest point on Earth but also happens to be the More...

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Today is World Environment Day 5th June 2012

World environment day is being observed today across the globe to raise awareness among people about the importance of clean environment in the human life.The theme for the Day is Green Economy.Several functions More...

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Surface Area : 510,100,500 Sq.Kms. Polar radius : 6,357 Kms. Land Surface : 148,950,800 Sq.Kms. (29.08%) Polar Diameter : 12,714 Kms. Mean distance from the Sun : 14,95,97,900 More...

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International Fascination of Plants Day

Fascination of Plants Day The first international Fascination of Plants Day is about the importance of plant science for agriculture and sustainably producing food, horticulture and forestry as well as non-food More...

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World’s first hybrid sharks found in Australia

Researchers have discovered the world’s first hybrid sharks in Australian waters, indicating that animals are adapting to climate change for survival. Leading researchers in marine biology have come More...

By gktoday On Saturday, January 14th, 2012

The After Effects of Global Warming

The island nation of Kirabati has become the first to declare that its territory has become uninhabitable due to global warming. They have asked for help to evacuate the population.  More...