Airbus E-Fan—World’s first electricity powered plane

The world’s first airplane completely powered by electricity has successfully taken to the skies for its maiden flight, and could bring down air travel cost by more than a third, its developer Airbus said. The small experimental aircraft, called ‘E-Fan’, carried its first flight at an airport near Bordeaux in south-western France. Manufactured More...

by gktoday | Published 5 years ago
By gktoday On Sunday, December 23rd, 2012

Official Airlines of the Countries

No. Airline Country 01 B.O.A.C. ENGLAND 02 Air France FRANCE 03 Lufthansa German Airlines W.GERMANY 04 Pan American World Airways System U.S.A. 05 Trans-world Airways U.S.A. 06 Aero-flot U.S.S.R. 07 Alitalia ITALY 08 Quantas More...